Long Term Care Facilities

Managing staff at a long-term care facility is becoming more of a challenge due to increased demand for PSWs as well as increasing patient behaviours. We at Qualicare SW have the ideal solution in the form of our staffing services.

By integrating one or several of our skilled and trained PSWs to fill your staffing gaps, you’ll experience noticeable improvements. Demand is more efficiently met, day-to-day operating standards are made more stable, and residents will be more comfortable and receive the level of care needed. We work with many facilities and their hiring managers to achieve staffing needs by placing specialized PSWs prepared to become part of their staff.

The staff we send to work with existing long-term care teams are fully trained, certified to deliver exceptional service to maintain resident comfort, wellness, and contentment. We carefully screen and analyze the history of every applicant, who then receives comprehensive training relevant to long-term care facilities standards. From Niagara to Kitchener, Hamilton, and everywhere in-between, we strive to enhance the service quality and better meet demand for local facilities through our staffing services.

Residents exhibiting behaviours may require specialized services, as some residents require a few days to settle in or months of consistent care, and may only feel comfortable with specific individuals looking after them. As a result, it can seem as if resources are stretched too thin. We at Qualicare SW can support your staffing needs from 1 to 1 care or supplementary staff.

Qualicare accepts referrals from LIHN patients.

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