Qualicare staffing services provides supplementary staffing to hospitals in need of additional skilled workers. This is integral to supporting facilities with inconsistent and unpredictable staffing needs. We aim to make a difference by providing skilled and capable individuals who are fully certified and trained for integration into a hospital environment.

We proudly serve hospitals through our staffing integration services to allow for a more wholesome community benefiting from enhanced healthcare services. Regardless of floor or location, the staff we send to local hospitals are fully trained and prepared for whatever is thrown their way.

Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of the facilities with supplementary staff who are trained and experienced. This allows for the most seamless and efficient integration into the workplace, so they can meet the needs of patients sooner. We serve local hospitals including SJHH and everywhere in-between to help hiring managers meet staffing demand, in turn benefiting patient wellness.

We are accepted by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) as a homemade service provider and accept referrals from SJHH patients.

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