As demand increases across Southwestern Ontario for more RPNs, the need for more highly-trained staff rises as well. Qualicare is here to deliver a solution that benefits local healthcare providers from Hamilton to Kitchener and everywhere in-between with our RPN staffing services.

By applying through us as an RPN, you will be integrated with an existing group of employees who need a helping hand. You may find your services required anywhere from hospitals and rehabilitation clinics to long-term care centres and retirement residences. The end result remains the same, however – RPNs assigned to work in a local healthcare facility are implemented to maximize efficiency, meet rising demand, and ensure the stability of day-to-day operations. Whether administering medication or working closely with clients to directly address their nursing needs, we and those you work with need to be able to depend on your commitment, compassion, and care.

We help to ensure that you are fully qualified and prepared for the job by performing candidate screening, consulting references, and administering specialized training to help you and your new teammates succeed in the field. The result is an entirely proactive, rewarding, and enriching experience for you, and relief for those in your community who need your skills the most.

Qualicare’s RPN staffing services offer a streamlined way to address local healthcare demand with efficiency, enhanced care, and increased satisfaction from hiring managers to the clients, and of course to you. Contact us today for more information – we look forward to hearing from you!

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