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Qualicare SW Family HomeCare is a PSW and Nursing company that has deliberately grown a strong, flexible, and reliable Personal Support Worker (PSW) team across South Western Ontario. We offer a continuum of compassionate care in any environment and provide supplementary services to ensure patient care needs are met.

The foundation of our service is effective communication with patients, client organizations, and employees. Successful relationships are the backbone of what we do. We proactively reach out to our clients to ensure that we forecast needs, anticipate trends and exceed their staffing requests and expectations.

Coordination is our specialty and we are very proud of our ability to orchestrate and deploy our staff so they dovetail with other workforces. Professionalism and a commitment to patient-focused care is woven through all facets of our organization.

Qualicare is accepted by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton as well as¬†Waterloo Wellington LiHN as a homemade service provider. As a result, we accept referrals from their subsequent patients and are contracted to deliver quality in-home care services that can be depended on.

Our clients trust us to be reliable and to maintain open communication pathways at all times, and we do.

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